Report Card for New Jersey's Infrastructure Arrives June 16th!

ASCE's New Jersey Section is pleased to announce the 2016 Report Card for New Jersey's Infrastructure will be released in Trenton, New Jersey, on June 16th. Using a straightforward A to F school report card system, the 2016 New Jersey Infrastructure Report Card is a snapshot of our current infrastructure conditions and needs. The Report Card also outlines a vision for what our infrastructure will look like in the future and some of the actions needed to get there. The Report Card has been compiled by civil engineering professionals and educators in New Jersey who assign grades according to the following criteria: capacity, condition, funding, future need, operation and maintenance, public safety, resilience, and innovation. The Report Card will cover: Water, Wastewater, Parks, Dams, Levees, Ports, Roads, Rail, Transit, Bridges, Energy, Hazardous Waste, and Solid Waste. If you're a member of the press and would like additional information, please contact Becky Moylan at 202-789-7853. Follow the release conversation on Twitter @ascegovrel!

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NJ infrastructure Reports

2009 Report Card for America's Infrastructure

ASCE's 2009 Report Card for America's Infrastructure has been released. Visit the nation's infrastructure report card for more information.

2007 Report Card for New Jersey's Infrastructure

The New Jersey Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers has announced it's 2007 Report Card for New Jersey's Infrastructure.

The cumlative GPA for New Jersey's Infrastructure is: C-

Viist the complete Infrastructure Report Card for full details of the individual cateogory grades.

The intent of this Infrastructure Report Card is to raise public awareness of the impact crumbling infrastructure is having on our daily lives, and the many issues and decisions that face our State as we strive to maintain and improve our infrastructure. We believe discussion of the issues detailed in this report will lead to a greater understanding of the current and future needs of our State, prompting decision makers in our communities and in the legislature to formulate policies and provide the necessary funding to address New Jersey's infrastructure needs.

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